Business Associations   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 School of Law Bulletin (Archived Copy)

LAWS 609 - Business Associations

Credits: 3

This course focuses on the structure and characteristics of enterprises organized to do business in the partnership, LLC, and corporate form. Areas addressed will include the formation, ownership, operation, governance, and dissolution of the business entity. Substantial emphasis will be placed on the corporate form of business, but comparisons to the partnership and LLC forms will be included. The course will also examine fundamental agency principles important to all business organizations. This course is the foundation course for, and prerequisite for, all upper-level business-law courses, whether focusing on publicly traded entities or businesses owned by only a few persons. Business Associations is not a prerequisite for Agency, Partnerships, & LLCs.

Note: Students who have taken Corporations or Business Corporations may not enroll in this course.

Basis of Grade: Exam

Form of Grade: Letter