ADR in Employment Law Workshop|   [Archived Catalog]
2016-2017 School of Law Bulletin (Archived Copy)

LAWS 811 - ADR in Employment Law Workshop|

Credits: 3

This course explores the use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve employment disputes. The course will examine the use of methods other than litigation to enforce employment contracts and statutory rights related to employment. The course will focus on the intricacies of arbitration and mediation in the employment setting. The course includes several practical exercises involving the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques. Completion of this course with a grade of C or higher will satisfy the graduation writing requirement.

Prerequisites: None, although prior exposure to courses or practice in the employment law area would be beneficial.

Note: Course satisfies the graduation writing requirement or the professional skills graduation requirement, but not both.

Basis of Grade: Written assignments and class participation

Form of Grade: Letter Grade