Legal Research for Practice Workshop   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 595 - Legal Research for Practice Workshop

Credits: 1

This workshop series (13 classes) is designed to expose students to specific research skills and resources identified by employers in the legal community as necessary for effective and efficient research in any law practice. Individual workshop sessions will be taught by law librarians with particular interests and expertise in the topics covered (see sample topics below), which may change to meet the needs of the legal community. Sample Topics: SC Legal Research Resources Review PACER/Dockets/Public Records/Finding Experts Cost-Effective and Free Resources Forms and Court Rules Advanced Searching Practice Aids Unpublished Opinions & Specialized Reporters Topical Services and Print Treatises State and Federal Legislative History Multi-State Research Administrative Agency Documents Non-Legal Research Journal Article Databases

Basis of Grade: Research Assignments & Quizzes for each topic

Form of Grade: P/F (All assignments must be completed to pass)