Elder Law   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 634 - Elder Law

Credits: 2

If you know someone who is getting older or is disabled or if you plan to have any clients who are getting older or who have disabilities, this course will be relevant in your future practice. This course will include a survey of the substantive topics about which a lawyer should have at least a basic understanding when representing an older client, a client with special needs, or a family member of an elder or a person with disabilities who is in need of protection. Some of the subjects included will be long term care planning; basic estate planning; advance directives; powers of attorney; Medicaid, Medicare and other government benefits; guardianship and conservatorship. The course will also address the many ethical issues which the attorney must resolve in the process of representation. Practical guidance, using both hypothetical and real life examples and sample forms, will be provided.

Basis of Grade: Quizzes, writing assignments, class participation and attendance. No final exam

Form of Grade: Letter