International Human Rights Skills   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 733 - International Human Rights Skills

In this course, students will act as human rights attorneys in simulations advocating for governmental remedies for human rights violations.  Students will: research international, regional, and other countries' laws; analyze a human rights issue in another country; conduct mock interviews; strategize as to what judicial and non-judicial avenues are best pursued to achieve the desired result; draft sections of a policy and legislative advocacy report; and participate in a simulated hearing before a panel of policy-makers.  Through this course, students will: gain a better understanding of the international human rights system and the methods used by the human rights movement; improve their written and oral advocacy skills; gain or improve upon their interviewing and fact-finding skills; and gain an understanding of how to perform international and comparative law research and analysis.

Note: Course satisfies the perspective and professional skills graduation requirements.

Basis of Grade: Class attendance and participation; written and oral assignments.

For first year students entering Fall 2016, this course satisfies the experiential course graduation requirement.

Form of Grade: Letter