Transportation Law   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 760 - Transportation Law

Credits: 2

Transportation plays a huge role in life and in law. This course generally focuses on a single case study to holistically analyze specific mobility-related legal issues; past topics have included sudden unintended acceleration in motor vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Robert Moses. In addition to this principal case study, each student typically selects,researches, and ultimately teaches a separate transportation law topic. Through these two parts, students engage with a range of legal and technical source materials to understand how lawyers (as well as legislators, regulators, executives, journalists, advocates, and engineers) confront interdisciplinary issues that affect human lives, challenge technical confidence, and implicate institutional credibility. The course materials introduce students to transportation law, and the broader lessons that emerge from the classroom discussions are intended to serve any attorney who must navigate complexity and confusion

Note: Qualifies as a perspective course

Basis of Grade: Final exam, class participation, class preparation

Form of Grade: Letter