Writing in Law Practice   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 808 - Writing in Law Practice

Credits: 3

This course will simulate a law firm setting in which enrolled students will work as junior associates in the law firm representing the plaintiff or the law firm representing the defendant. Students will handle a case from the time the client seeks legal advice from the firm until the case is ready for trial. This course will expose students to the drafting skills private practice lawyers need to handle a case in the course of civil litigation. Specifically, students will (1) build on writing and research skills learned in the first year; (2) express legal analysis clearly in both written and oral communications; (3) critically examine information in its original form and discern information relevant to the litigation; (4) make strategic decisions about litigation based on the client's expressed goals, the facts of the case, and the law; (5) cooperate with other small group members to produce a final, written document and to orally advise the supervising attorney on the status of the pending litigation; and (6) practice the interpersonal skills needed to work cooperatively and collegially with attorney colleagues, opposing counsel, and support staff.

Note: Students taking this course may elect to satisfy either the graduation writing requirement or the skills course graduation requirement, but not both.

Basis of Grade: Written assignments

Form of Grade: Letter