Consumer Bankruptcy Drafting Workshop   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 836 - Consumer Bankruptcy Drafting Workshop

Credits: 3

This course provides an introduction to consumer bankruptcy law with an emphasis on drafting exercises related to practice in the subject area. Students learn basic consumer law issues, with a brief overview of relevant Bankruptcy Code sections and procedural rules. The writing component introduces students to motion practice through simulated cases. Each student must draft one client opinion letter, one demand letter, two common motions, two complaints, a supporting memorandum of law, and at least one type of discovery request. Students receive instruction in Bankruptcy research and will be expected to perform research necessary to complete the writing assignments. Previous study in bankruptcy law is not required. Students may take both this course and Bankruptcy Law.

Prerequisites: None

Note: Students taking this course may elect to satisfy either the graduation writing requirement or the skills course graduation requirement, but not both.

Basis of Grade: Drafting assignments

Form of Grade: Letter Grade