Real Estate Transactions Capstone   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 853 - Real Estate Transactions Capstone

Credits: 5

This course is designed to be a Capstone course for third year (3L) students interested in an in-depth, practical and advanced course in real estate law and real estate finance.  Students will be participate in simulated experiences throughout the semester, and will end the semester negotiating a real estate development deal.

The course will explore land development, real estate finance, foreclosures and receiverships and the development of real estate projects such as condominium, office and retail facilities.

The focus will be on real estate commercial transactions in South Carolina, but will have general applicability to real estate transactions in other jurisdictions, as well as general application to residential real estate transactions.

Prerequisites: Real Estate Transactions I or approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Note: This course satisfies the professional skills course graduation requirement.

For first year students entering Fall 2016, this course satisfies the experiential course graduation requirement.

Basis of Grade: Assigned exercises and class participation

Form of Grade: Letter