Federal Criminial Litigation Capstone   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 859 - Federal Criminial Litigation Capstone

Credits: 5

Through this course, the student will gain knowledge and practical skills in the handling of a federal criminal case from beginning to end (intake to sentencing).  Students will be divided into United States Attorney (prosecution) and Federal Public Defender (defense) teams with each team consisting of 3-4 students.  One prosecution team and one defense team will be assigned to a bank robbery case and the other set of teams will be assigned to a case involving a credit washing scheme with allegations of public corruption.  Students will conduct a detention and/or preliminary hearing, will litigate suppression motions, conduct jury selection and conduct a sentencing procedure.  The practical exercises will be presided over by a United States Magistrate Judge or a United States District Judge from the District of South Carolina and the guest speakers will include federal agents, federal probation officers and current and former Assistant United States Attorneys .

Students will be introduced to the federal criminal process and learn how to (1) conduct direct and cross examinations (2) engage in fact finding; (3) interact with federal law enforcement agents and with persons accused of criminal activity; (3) draft arrest and search warrants, motions and indictments; (4) conduct hearings, including but not limited to those discussed above; and (5) engage in plea negotiations. Students will also gain substantial exposure to the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The faculty members are all former Assistant United States Attorneys or Assistant Federal Defenders.

Note: This course satisfies the professional skills course requirement for graduation.

Basis of Grade: Class participation and multiple simulations and written assignments.

Form of Grade: Letter