Coasta Law Field Lab   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 569 - Coasta Law Field Lab

Credits: 6

This is a 4.5 week course that will be taught in and around Charleston, South Carolina during the summers.  Students will be housed, and classes taught, at College of Charleston, or another similar place.  The course includes a combination of learning in the field and in the classroom.  The course consists of three modules, each of which will cover a substantive area of coastal law, and each of which will be taught by a different professor.  Module topics will include legal aspects of coastal land use, development, and conservation; coastal impacts of climate change; and, ocean issues such as fisheries and offshore energy.   In each module, students will spend about three-quarters of their time in the classroom and the remainder in the field.  Field experiences will be related to materials covered in the classroom; a typical trip might involve a visit to a coastal property that is the subject of litigation, joined by parties' lawyers and experts.  This course is open to students from the University of South Carolina School of Law as well as students from other accredited law schools nationally. 

Basis of Grade: Three in-class exams, one at the end of each module. There may be daily evaluations, e.g., quizzes, that count toward grade.

Form of Grade: Letter