Serving the Court: Judicial Clerkships   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 685 - Serving the Court: Judicial Clerkships

Credits: 2

This class will focus on the role, duties, and conduct of law clerks. You will learn how clerks should conduct themselves, maintain an appropriate relationship with the judge and other participants in the legal system, and the type of work clerks perform. The class will offer instruction on how to understand and deal with the court docket of cases and motions, how to properly analyze cases (through case study with intensive analysis and extensive  class discussion), how to write succinct and useful bench memos, and how to organize and draft opinions/orders for a court.  The course will include speakers to include: judges (both federal and state), clerks, and others who will broaden your perspective and offer you advice if you decide to pursue a clerkship. The class will involve a very high level of classroom participation and out of class work.

Note: Students who have taken Legal Writing for the Courts may not enroll in this course.

Basis of Grade: Class participation, Writing assignments.

Form of Grade: Letter