Law Practice Workshop   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 557 - Law Practice Workshop

Credits: 2

The course provides a synthesis of the substantive knowledge and the practical skills and experience essential to a successful practice and the competent representation of clients in numerous areas of the law. The course will emphasize the analysis of client problems and the processes involved in effecting solutions. Practice areas covered from time to time during the semester may include, inter alia, bankruptcy, criminal defense litigation, criminal prosecution, civil defense litigation, plaintiff's litigation, construction law, elder law, fiduciary representation, estate planning, family court litigation, alternative dispute resolution, real estate transactions, workers' compensation, international law, health law, intellectual property, media law, poverty law, education law, commercial law, banking law, employment law, consumer law, business entities and agency law, appellate practice, tax practice, environmental law, regulatory practice, and administrative law. This course is not intended as a substitute for a more in-depth study of doctrinal law and procedure in these various areas but instead will serve as a transitional stage from the knowledge and skills obtained in other courses to the practice of law in those areas. Various presentations will be made by leading experts in their fields. Forms and other practice materials will be provided.

Prerequisites: This course is limited to students in their final semester of law school.

Basis of Grade: Examinations and/or projects, attendance

Form of Grade: pass/fail