Coastal Law Field Lab   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 569A - Coastal Law Field Lab

Credits: 2

This is a two-credit course taught at Belle Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences near Georgetown, South Carolina over a seven-day period during the law school's spring break. The course is built around five half-day field trips to properties along the "north coast" of South Carolina (Charleston to Myrtle Beach) that have either been at the heart of important litigation or high-profile coastal law issues. Prior to each site visit, students will read the relevant case or issue briefing, then meet with the instructor for discussion. During the site visits, the class will meet with attorneys, parties, or government officials who have been involved in the matter for question and answer sessions.

Prerequisites: Environmental Law (Federal Environmental Law); or Administrative Law; or Coastal Law

Basis of Grade: Writing Assignments

Form of Grade: Letter