Administrative Law Externship   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 706A - Administrative Law Externship

Credits: 2

Students will work approximately 8-15 hours per week with either a state or federal agency. They will be exposed to the field of Administrative law by working with federal or state agencies. Typically, the student will work in a general counsel's office or an office with substantially similar duties and will assist the attorneys in research and drafting documents such as research memoranda and briefs. The student will also have the opportunity to observe court proceedings as well as depositions and interviewing witnesses. In addition to their work at the agency, students will meet periodically with a faculty member to reflect upon their fieldwork experiences.

Prerequisites: Problems in Professional Responsibility is a prerequisite or co-requisite. Also note that Professional Responsibility satisfies the prerequisite requirement.

Note: Students must submit a contemporaneously maintained daily journal of their experience, along with either an example of a written product prepared during the externship or a short paper reflecting on a professional aspect of the experience. The fieldwork supervisor will also complete an evaluation of the student's performance.

For first year students entering Fall 2016, this course satisfies the experiential course graduation requirement.

Basis of Grade: The final grade will be determined by the professor, based upon evaluation submitted by the fieldwork supervisor and upon a determination by the faculty member that all other requirements of the externship have been satisfactorily completed.

Form of Grade: Letter