Bioethics Seminar|   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 School of Law Bulletin

LAWS 721 - Bioethics Seminar|

Credits: 2/3

This course explores the intersection of law and ethics in the field of medicine. The course will cover in-depth, at least three of the following issues: abortion and other issues of reproductive decision making, the right to die, allocation of health care resources, global HIV/AIDS, universal healthcare, organ transplantation and organ procurement, the identity and role of the patient, the research subject and the consumer of health care technology, rationing of healthcare and similar issues. Students may choose to write one paper of not less than 30 pages to satisfy the paper requirement or may write three smaller papers during the course of the semester. There will be no exam.

Note: This course satisfies the perspectives course requirement. Students who elect to take this course for three (3) credits will write a paper that meets the writing requirement.

Basis of Grade: Paper of not less than thirty (30) pages for 3 credit hours or three shorter papers

Form of Grade: Letter Grade