Criminal Law Externship   [Archived Catalog]
2015-2016 School of Law Bulletin (Archived Copy)

LAWS 720A - Criminal Law Externship

Credits: 2

Students will spend a significant amount of time (10 hours per week during fall or spring) at their placement. Placements will include: the Solicitors Office of various counties, the Public Defenders office, the Attorney General's office, and federal criminal agencies. Students will assist in the preparation of materials for court and can observe office attorneys in trial. A specific attorney in each office will be responsible for overseeing student experience in the office.

Corequisites: Problems in Professional Responsibility

Prerequisites: Problems in Professional Responsibility; also note that Professional Responsibility satisfies the prerequisite requirement.

Note: The fieldwork supervisor will complete an evaluation of the student's performance. The final grade will be determined by the instructor, based upon the evaluation submitted by the fieldwork supervisor, the quality of the student's written submissions, participation in the class sessions, and a determination by the instructor that all requirements of the externship have been satisfactorily completed.

Basis of Grade: Journal; Example written product or a short reflective paper on professional aspect of experience; and a brief presentation to class

Form of Grade: lettter