Civil Rights Seminar   [Archived Catalog]
2015-2016 School of Law Bulletin (Archived Copy)

LAWS 737 - Civil Rights Seminar

Credits: 2/3

This course focuses on federal civil rights relating to employment, education, housing, voting, and affirmative action. The course will survey the major issues and legal protections in each of these substantive areas, which includes laws relating to discrimination based on race, gender, disability, language status, and familial status. Students will examine the constitutional and statutory frameworks for addressing these issues, as well scholarly theories by which to critique them.

Note: This course satisfies the perspectives course requirement. Students who elect to take this course for three (3) credits will write a paper that meets the writing requirement.

Basis of Grade: Final Paper. Students electing 3 credits will write a paper that meets the graduation writing requirement. Students electing 2 credits will write a shorter paper.

Form of Grade: Letter