Rule of Law Seminar   [Archived Catalog]
2015-2016 School of Law Bulletin (Archived Copy)

LAWS 815 - Rule of Law Seminar

Credits: 2/3

This course will review key components of rule of law programs undertaken by the United States and the international community in post-conflict, transitional, and developing states. The course will consider the theories, goals, and effectiveness of rule of law programming. Class discussion will involve critical analysis of the strategies and methodologies relating to some of the key components of rule of law programming, such as: constitutional development, judicial reform, accountability for atrocities, alleviation of corruption, use of local customary law, and resolution of land and property disputes. Readings will include scholarly analyses and case studies of rule of law programs in various countries.

Note: This course satisfies the perspectives course requirement. Students who elect to take this course for three (3) credits will write a paper that meets the writing requirement.

Basis of Grade: Class participation and student's choice of research paper or series of response papers. Students who elect 3 credits will write a research paper that meets the graduation writing requirement.

Form of Grade: Letter