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University of South Carolina    
  Mar 23, 2018
2017-2018 School of Law Bulletin

Social Work / Law, M.S.W. / J.D.

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  • College of Social Work

Degree Requirements M.S.W (60 Hours) / J.D. (90 Hours)

The joint M.S.W./J.D. degree program provides students an opportunity to complete these complementary professional programs in 135 semester hours of course work. Normally the two degrees, if taken separately, would require a minimum of 150 semester hours of study. The School of Law accepts up to 9 hours of social work courses as electives in its program, and the College of Social Work accepts up to 6 hours of law courses towards the M.S.W. degree. Formal admission to both programs under the standards established by each is required. The first year of law studies must be completed at one time. For details, please refer to the law school bulletin.

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